Building a Modern Tiny House in Connecticut

Model 3 (Changing Plans)

This long, cold, and (very) snowy Winter has given me plenty of time to think and re-think my tiny house plans. All that thinking has led me to explore some totally new ideas, culminating in an alternate design which actually has its basis in some of my earliest plans from a year ago, but draws heavily on the experience I’ve gained while working on the model I’ve been featuring on this blog.

While I love much about the original ProcessHouse, I think that this new design may be an even better fit for my needs and aesthetic tastes. We’ll see. This experience is—after all—all about the process, and this just happens to be where that process has taken me.

That being the case, I’m holding off on showing any design mockups or floor plans. I think it may be more fun to just document the build “blind” and let you see it as it comes together.

Hope everyone is keeping warm and toasty by the fire as the snow flies. Right now I’ve got a lot to do to get ready for Spring. See you when the snow melts!

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