Building a Modern Tiny House in Connecticut

Tiny House Construction Begins! Installing Galvalume Flashing

Initial progress was made today on the Tiny House. When Mikey got home from work, we scrounged up what we could find by way of 2x4 lumber pieces and 1/2 inch plywood scraps (I’m glad we keep stuff like that right now) and made a support “jig” of sorts to hold the first piece of “Galvalume” sheet metal in place on the trailer frame until we can lay the floor joists above it and install screws from below up into the joists. We then laid the first piece of Galvalume down, after which I went in to start dinner and he made another jig and fitted a second sheet of Galvalume pretty much without help. 

I can tell this whole project IS going to be a lot of fun, and we do seem to work very well together - as we did on the deck extension in 2014.  If one of us doesn’t remember something, usually the other does; and we are both willing to be either the doer or the go-fer.  It is definitely Mikey’s project and his money, however, so he has the last word on what happens (unless there is going to be a destructive impact on the real estate, of course).

Here are some pictures of today’s work.  I will try to keep you current on doings as they happen. Tomorrow it may rain, so I don’t know if there will be progress.

Four more Galvalume sheets will have to be put in place before first 12-ft floor joists are laid on top of them, fore and aft of trailer. Sheets will overlap each other like shingles, about 6” overlap.  Overlap is designed so that when trailer is moved on road, any splashed water from underneath will not be driven into cracks between Galvalume sheets.

That’s it for the moment!

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