Building a Modern Tiny House in Connecticut

Why "ProcessHouse"?

Well, I had to call it something now that I have a blog, right? Actually, the name is primarily inspired by a book I recently read, The Practicing Mind by Thomas M. Sterner. In it, Sterner talks about being process oriented rather than product oriented as the key to getting stuff done and enjoying life. Life itself is a process and we can only find a lasting sense of contentment if we’re able to find it in the process rather than the product.

The west tends to be a very product-oriented society, and the tiny house movement takes that mindset and turns it on its head. For me, this is an entirely new experience and I am learning everything about building from scratch, so I have to stay invested in the process and be patient as I learn the necessary skills. The name serves as a reminder to me that the joy is in the process, and to enjoy every moment of it.

It’s also a tip of the hat to one of my favorite pieces of open source web development software, ProcessWire. (It’s also the CMS that this blog just so happens to be running on!) I hope that ProcessHouse can embody a similar elegance in its approach to architectural design that ProcessWire embodies in its approach to software design.

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