Building a Modern Tiny House in Connecticut

August 2016

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Tiny House Nightmare Deluge

On the eve of the great deluge.  We had an exciting tiny house adventure Sunday night.  It was raining just a few drops in early evening, then developed into real rain.  Around midnight, there was a waterfall-like sound and we were having a deluge nearly worthy of Noah himself.  Michael had gone to bed about 11:00.… View More


Wall Framing Complete - Rafters Going Up

When we stand in the house now, the sensation is clearly one of being enclosed inside a structure - it even has a “roof” of sorts - the same huge full-length gray tarp that used to be draped over the subfloor and its insulation when that was in progress.  We have set up a very temporary “ridgepole” the full length of the house to make sure that the tarp sheds - rather than collects - rainwater, and so far the strategy… View More


"The Trailer" no more - now "The House"

“Did you pump the water off the trailer?” “Did you put the tarp over the trailer?” “Did you bring the tools in from the trailer?” The questions above are the sort that Michael and I used to ask each other a few short weeks ago. Thinking about what to write for this post, it occurred to me that the phrase “the trailer” doesn’t get used much… View More