Building a Modern Tiny House in Connecticut

The BIG WINDOW gets installed!

Today was a real milestone…  

The Tiny House picture window (200-220 lbs) was carried out from the garage by a rag-tag team of good friends, who had cheerfully agreed to show up at 5 pm and assist.  My back was ailing, so I just served as photographer.

They walked it around the east side of the garage and across the back yard to Tiny House Land, where they laid it flat on the ground near the taller end of the house.

After Mikey made some final preparations (drilling some holes in the behemoth’s retaining fins and applying gooey sealant), he and the other 3 guys lifted it up onto a staging/platform and then into place in its special-shaped rough opening.

No serious problems, and the window fit perfectly with expected and uniform clearance on all sides, top and bottom‼️   It also proved pretty conclusively that the opening was indeed true and square.

Installing Inline window with nailing flange

There was one rather dicey moment when one of the guys was stepping up onto the platform while trying also to raise the top edge of the window toward the opening.  I think there might have been some audible gasps to be heard just then, as it looked like he might keel over backwards with the window landing on him…  but he regained balance quickly.

Inline Fiberglass 400 series window installed in tiny house.

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