Building a Modern Tiny House in Connecticut

Tiny House Construction Continued

Mikey says the tiny house has a frame on top of the trailer frame mainly because he wants a thick layer of insulation below the floor.  The space above the galvalume sheets on the very bottom surface and below the subfloor - a space that is as “tall” as the width of a 2x4 (the 3.5” dimension), will be filled completely with sheets of rigid foam insulation.  He says that some tiny house builders build their houses enclosed by the trailer frame rather than above it, but they end up being less well insulated.

Today, we added more sheets of galvalume, making a total of five out of the eight planned.  We then started placing pieces of wood framing (2x4s) around the sides and front of the trailer, on top of the galvalume sheets.  Some of the 2x4s had to be notched with vertical channels in them to allow the threaded rods to pass through.  We used a router to make the notches. 

Twelve-foot 2x4 joists will be placed within the perimeter, parallel to sides of trailer.   Insulation pieces will be cut to fit between the joists.  Some short pieces of 2x4 will be inserted perpendicular to joists and between them, for bracing and subfloor support.  Sheet metal pieces will be fastened to joists from underneath.

Here are some more pictures, from today - I hope they are a reasonable size.

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