Building a Modern Tiny House in Connecticut

"The Grove"

Every house - tiny or huge - needs some kind of a yard, and Michael’s Process Tiny House is no exception.  Long before any pieces of steel were welded to start building the custom trailer, Michael had already designed and created a marvelous little idyll to serve both as a pleasing view from his future residence and as a restful place of respite.

Fondly known to him and his family as “The Grove,” this special place was carved out of a wooded area that was a small meadow just thirty years ago.  Now surrounded by tall young oaks and maples and birches, The Grove is graced by a network of apparently meandering but artfully placed stone pathways, branching out from a peaceful seating area with cedar single and double adirondack chairs.  A small fountain and a wind chime make their soft sounds; and ferns, hastas, small evergreens, and other plantings are neatly situated among the paths.  After dark, a set of six solar-powered luminaries scattered throughout the area come on automatically and can be seen from many yards away in all directions.  There is also a place for a possible future fire pit for small evening or late-night gatherings.

The Grove is an ideal spot to sit and read or just enjoy the outdoors with a glass of iced tea in shaded relief on a hot day.  Every member of Michael’s family enjoys spending at least a few moments daily or weekly in this natural retreat where their worn nerves can be rejuvenated.

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